Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Questions for Keith Holliday, Goldie Wells, Yvonne Johnson, Carolyn Allen, Kirk Perkins, Carolyn Coleman and T. Dianne Bellamy-Small on the Landfill

"...former Mayor Keith Holliday...and former City Councilwoman Goldie Wells called on neighbors to organize opposition to the landfill.

...Monday night’s event drew two other former mayors, Yvonne Johnson and Carolyn Allen; County Commissioners Kirk Perkins and Carolyn Coleman; council members Jim Kee and T. Dianne Bellamy-Small; and long-time landfill opponents such as Harold Fields.

If the City of Greensboro is looking to make $18 million in cuts,
and Guilford County cuts about the same,
as our School system cuts about as much as the city and county combined,
while local Universities cut about 1,000 jobs,
how can not opening the landfill be justified
as our local municipalities and schools lay off what could be about 1,460 jobs?

$18 million x 2 = $36 million + $37 million = $73 million / $50k per year = 1,460 jobs
+ 1,000 upper education jobs multiplied by 50% more extra lost related jobs = 1,230
1,000 + 2,460 = 3,690 lost jobs?

Maybe when we start firing police and firemen,
and crime and fires increase because some moved near an operating land fill
while some other higher end residents wanted everyone else to pay
for their kids to have a nicer place to pay to park while to watch their spawn swin laps,
could our community figure out how financially irresponsible we're behaving?

Holliday laid out a map of the city to show residents that when Greensboro grows, it will grow to the east.
Where is the economic information associated with Mr. Holliday's assertion,
and what is it's source, and what independent source agrees?

...Neighbors discussed how they could encourage residents from other parts of the city and business leaders to join the fight.

“We need more broad-based support in the community,” resident Luther Falls Jr. said.

If reopening the landfill could save more than $5 million per year,
how can those opposing reopening explain to the rest of Greensboro
why the city had to lay off police and firemen
on top of what could be sub-par answers as to why some city jobs which may most likely be eliminated
for a swimming pool which Goldie Wells, Yvonne Johnson and T. Dianne Bellamy-Small voted for?

Bellamy-Small encouraged residents to start by making phone calls.

“If you got enough people making noise from a lot of different ways, maybe those six other people on the council will hear you,” Bellamy-Small said.

Amanda Lehmert

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triadwatch said...

good points and maybe also add if Keith Holliday is wanting to run in greensboro city council again.