Friday, February 4, 2011

"Greensboro won't take Guilford tax collection deal": Is Guilford County going to be responsible for eliminating what could be about 47 City jobs?

"Greensboro officials declared Thursday they will collect their own taxes starting this year,
even though it will mean paying more to do so...

...This year, Greensboro paid the county $405,000 to collect city property taxes...

Instead, the city will now spend an estimated $1.9 million for the first
year and $910,000 in future years.

If $910,000 / 2 = $455,000 per year total cost for a joint mailing,
is Guilford County going to force the City of Greensboro to spend $2,355,000
to collect seperately,
while tax revenues fall and North Carolina makes deep cuts?
“We certainly hate to spend the money, especially this year.

But we can’t continue to be extorted,” Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan said.

What could happen if a generation of underemployed, underpaid,
educated and indebted young adults
become disillusioned by their elders’ financial mismanagement,
and seek to identify and punish those responsible?

Vaughan, who sat in on some of those meeting,
said it was clear from the beginning the county wasn’t willing to negotiate.

...Councilman Zack Matheny said he wants residents to know
the county forced them into this position.

I printed my tax bill and I am going to show it.

This line right here, that says county and Greensboro.

One stamp, one bill.

That is already being done.

The county is wanting to charge a million dollars more to the city of Greensboro
to do something they are already doing.

Zack Matheny

When informed of the city’s decision Thursday night,
some county commissioners expressed disbelief that the decision...was official.

Others were angered.

It’s their right to collect their own taxes if they want to.

$2,355,000 / $50,000 annual salary = 47.1 City of Greensboro jobs

But their staff can’t direct the commissioners to act,
we’re not going to just make a decision now because they think we should.

Melvin “Skip” Alston
Guilford County Commission Chairman

Don't Steal From My Kids

George Hartzman

Jack and Jill

Man is the only animal
that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat,
until he eats them.

Samuel Butler

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