Monday, January 17, 2011

Our View on Redistricting: Politicians Picking Voters from USA Today

Last week the opinion section of the USA TODAY CLICKHERE had their  take on the constitutional process every 10 years called reapportionment. Below is the first sentence in the opinion piece that says it all:

Picture a country that calls itself a democracy but where those in charge blatantly conspire to give themselves and their buddies a near-permanent hold on political power by custom-designing the districts where they run for office.
That country is the United States

This quote above is so true in so many cases all over this country and especially in North Carolina where we had a state politician completely make his own district tailored to him in Congressman Brad Miller.  It will be interesting to see what happens all over this great country but the gerrymandering of districts all over this country needs to come to a halt or be taken away from the politicians and have a independent commission involved. I for one think that if they take the Republican and Democratic label out of the mix in making these districts then that will take care of plenty of the problems that is wrong with this process .
Let's start there then move forward.

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