Monday, January 24, 2011

Guilford County Commissioner Linda Shaw VS. Property Management Director David Grantham , Video Embedded

Triadwatch wanted to show you a small clip of the back and forth between Guilford County Commissioner Linda Shaw and Property Management Director David Grantham from the 1-13-2011 Guilford County Commissioners meeting. Commissioner Shaw asked for a listing of  real estate agents who have done business with Guilford County. It seems like David Grantham only provided a listing of the companies but not the exact real estate agents.

The Rhino Times and Scott Yost  provided a lenghtly account of this situation with a title of the article "Shaw Upset by Alphabetizing", CLICKHERE

If you would like to see the whole back and forth of the exchange which last about 10 minutes CLICKHERE then proceed to the 1 hour mark of the January 13, 2011 video which last about 10 minutes.

Below is a short youtube back and forth between the 2 which as you see at end of video where the commissioner says to David Grantham that " i don't like the attitude,  i am through with you". It is so nice to see how our county commissioners are so cordial to Guilford County employees. Check out the video below

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Spag said...

Linda Shaw has had a nasty attitude for a long time. Her behavior here is mild compared to the nasty, classless behavior she exhibited on election night during the primaries.

It's too bad the general public doesn't see this mean spirited and petty side of her.

triadwatch said...

well maybe we can start a new section on this area for triadwatch and if you see her on video needing to be put on youtube let me know. I have a personal story on linda shaw that i will need to explain over the phone that is too funny.