Monday, January 11, 2010

"Figure skating championships ask for county sponsorship": How much did Rashad Young give without public input or City Council approval?

"The organizers of the 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships are asking for $40,000 in support from Guilford County less than two weeks before the event is to be held at the Greensboro Coliseum.

...Hill Carrow, director of the championships, said he asked the county for support a year and a half ago but was just able to get an audience with the commissioners at their next meeting, which will be held Thursday.

“It took this long to finally get it in front of the entire county board. The fact that the championships are about to get underway made for a natural deadline for the commissioners to consider the request.”...Carrow said

...County Manager Brenda Jones Fox said the county hasn’t been dragging its feet about the request. In fact, when Carrow initially approached the county he’d asked for much more and been denied, Fox said.

“His initial request, in November 2009, was for a $100,000 grant,” Fox said...

...In a memo to the Greensboro City Council in June, City Manager Rashad Young said attendance for the nationally televised event is estimated at about 100,000, with 10,000 hotel rooms rented in the area...
If Mr. Carrow asked for and recieved a handout from the City of Greensboro
that didn't require an "audience"
and was rejected by Guilford County without an "audience" in 2009,
is Mr. Carrow full of siht?
Wait, how much did the City of Greensboro give without City Council approval?
Didn't Rashad Young give the Downtown Skating Rink money without approval?
How many city council members questioned the allocation?
“We haven’t had success thus far, but at least we are persistent. We’d really like to have the county participate,” Carrow said.
Can "participate" be used as a euphamism for
"pad a private business owner's bottom line with taxpayer dollars"?
Carrow said he thought county sponsorship would send a powerful statement to U.S. Figure Skating and other major sports events considering Greensboro that the area has a strong public and private partnership that can make their events a success.
"public and private partnership"
What does "extortion" mean?
Previous host cities have reported $25 million in economic impact, depending on final attendance, Young said in the memo."
Joe Killian

Has the economic impact study been reviewed by Greensboro's City Council?

Was the impact study reviewed by Rashad Young?

Where is the impact study?

If Rashad Young "officially announced" Greensboro's contribution over the summer of 2010,
why didn't the public hear anything about it?

If Greensboro's City Council got the memo,
how many attended the "announcement"?

Didn't Mr. Carrow create the impact study,
many may consider to be something of a fraud,
that was used to sell Greensboro City Council and the public
on the Aquatic Center?
Didn't Mr. Carrow also state Aquatic Center's
"can’t have any debt service,”
before helping convince Greensboro voters to borrow $19 million
for a money pit that disrupts Coliseum parking?

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