Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did Melvin “Skip” Alston, Bruce Davis, Carolyn Coleman, John Parks and Kirk Perkins vote to fire a Guilford County Teacher?

"Guilford commissioners deny free EMS to skating event

For: Melvin “Skip” Alston, Bruce Davis, Carolyn Coleman, John Parks, Kirk Perkins

Against: Paul Gibson, Bill Bencini, Billy Yow, Kay Cashion, Linda Shaw

Mike Winstead was absent.

...A number of residents spoke against the sponsorship,
calling it corporate welfare and a government handout to a for-profit industry.

Hill Carrow, director of the skating event, was on hand to defend the sponsorship.

“We’re not here because we’re asking for a handout,
a subsidy or a bailout of a failing business,” Carrow said,
emphasizing that the show would go on with or without support from the county. the end, commissioners’ concerns over the budget
— and the appearance of spending so much money while asking their employees to cut back
— carried the day.

“If you go ask any county employee how much of a raise they’ve had in the last three years,
the answer is going to be none,” Commissioner Billy Yow said.
“And the Guilford County taxpayer is carrying the load of a pack mule right now.
We can’t keep on with the Wyndham and the skating.”

Joe Killian

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