Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Civil rights museum cuts five from staff" Flashback Math

"Civil rights museum cuts five from staff

Five full-time employees,
including an assistant to the curator and an information technology specialist,
have lost their jobs as part of a restructuring
at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum...

The move, which could shave $250,000 from the $3.1 million operating budget...

The museum, with nine full-time and 11 part-time positions remaining..."

Nancy McLaughlin
Greensboro News & Record

If 5 lost jobs could save $250,000, 5 / $250,000 = $50,000 per full time position

If there are 9 full time employees 9 x $50,000 = $450,000

If 11 part times positions pay $12,500 each, 11 x $12,500 = $137,500

If $450,000 + $250,000 + $137,500 = a $837,500 payroll,
with a $3.1 million budget...

$3,100,000 - $837,500 = $2,262,500

On what is the museum spending $2,262,500 every year?


Joe Guarino said...

George, I have submitted an information request to the city asking for the monthly cost of the lease the civil rights museum and the Sit In Movement organization has for the real estate it occupies at the Elm St. location. I think we need to know with certainty what the owners of the building are being paid.

This is a non-profit organization that receives local governmental funding; so this information should be made available to the public.

darkmoon said...

Generally speaking from a HR perspective, you always double what the organization pays in salary for cost from a benefits perspective. While that's probably grossly overestimating, I think it's better to ask 3.1 million - 1.6 million = .... rest of operating budget.

Having been there, I'd say that the electric bill probably is pretty high with all the lights and electronics. Insurance might be another thing that costs somewhat high. I don't know what else there is from a day-to-day operations side of things but you have to account for all of these things when you run day-to-day ops.

triadwatch said...

i think that request will fall on deaf ears. if you want to see their numbers let me try to post their 990 tax form for all to see on facebook or if you want to i can try to scribd it for all to see. Let me try to scribd it first.

It has been a thorn to me that i think needs to change that if you request tax payer money then all your books need to be open for transparency. Project Homestead comes to mind.

triadwatch said...

just posted the 990 forms from guidestar

Joe Guarino said...

Thanks, Keith.

Don Moore said...

Don't forget the costs of the Skip and Earl Pat On The Back Party each February. It is nice to see them starting to settle in to realistic operating expenses.