Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Misleading rhetoric by Skip Alston and questionable reporting by Joe Killian?

"As Guilford County heads into the new year,
commissioners already are looking at the next budget
and the choices they face in 2011.

What is Guilford County's expected spending for 2010/11
compared to expected revenues for 2011/12?

Is a property tax increase inevitable?

A new round of layoffs?

Will the county suspend construction projects that have not yet begun?

County commissioners Chairman Melvin “Skip” Alston
said he would like commissioners to take these questions directly to the people.

...Alston said citizens are going to have to make a decision about their priorities.

A sluggish economy continues to keep county revenues low,
and payments are due on some of the $651 million in school and jail construction bonds
passed by voters in 2008.

Joe Killian, wern't the bonds "passed by" the commissioners
before being placed on the balot?

If the commissioners should act in the best interests of the community,
shouldn't they not borrow what can't reasonably be paid for anymore?

“There’s a question out there now of do we still want to honor what the voters said in 2008
and continue with the $651 million in bond projects, or no,” Alston said.

What is 2011/12's budget deficit?

How much cash has Guilford County spent in the last 3 years?

If the projects continue, there may be no way around a tax increase, he said.

Joe Killian, how is this not misleading rhetoric by Mr. Alston,
if he and other commissioners voted for the bonds to be on the ballot,
and promoted and supported the bond's passage?

“My inclination personally would be not to have a tax increase if we can help it,” Alston said.

“But it’s about what the people want us to do.

Arn't elected leaders supposed to do what is in the best interests of all,
as opposed to "what the people want us to do"?

"If they think that finishing these projects,
these schools mostly that we haven’t gotten to yet,
are worth doing now, then we may have to have a tax increase to pay for it.”"

If a family of 2 parents and 3 kids can’t afford a vacation,
and the parents decide on a family election, in which the 3 kids vote in favor,
who should accept responsibility when the parents can't pay the mortgage?

Joe Killian

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