Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hypocrite Watch: John Boehner: $6,145.60 borrowed from every American child under 18 transferred to the top 2% of the country?

If $120 billion @ 5% for 75 years = $460,920,000,000,
and $460,920,000,000 divided by 75,000,000 US kids = $6,145.60,
did John Boehner vote to charge each and every US child
about $6,145.60,
to give the nations top 2% about $120 billion over the next 2 years?

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Brenda Bowers said...

Keith I have always liked John Boehner and his actions. I do however have a lot of problems thus far with his appointments to the committee chairmanships and his pushing Michelle Bachman aside. I really do think he wants to do the right thing. He is just too used to having to make a deal. He personally has never taken an earmark and that says something. At least I am ready to give him a chance.
The deal he gave Obama over the Bush tax cuts was unnecessary! I am so upset that they did not take it into January and get off of the $250,000 which is certainly not rich and are people who should have had the tax break extended. The Democrats would not come off of the $250,000 figure and that was the problem. It was all or nothing. At least that how I read the story from several sources. Boehner didn't exactly want to fight for the "millionaires and Billionaires" of Dem fame.

I like that you are going to keep the story even however by keeping on his back and keeping us informed. BB