Monday, December 27, 2010

Disbursements Made by City of Greensboro That Could Raise Your Eyebrows

The City of Greensboro has a list of disbursements for December 3, 2010 at the end of council agendas. If you would like to see the whole attachment here is a link and on left hand side choose the current city council agenda with attachments CLICKHERE .

Disbursements made by the city treasurer. The following report covering voucher numbers 250883-251903 in the amnount of  $24,420,692.71 is submitted for your information ach payments 44-49.

In the category of  vouchers issued against budget authorization for equipment & supplies contracts are;

Downtown Greensboro Inc. - 1st and 2nd quarter contribution for revitalization Requirements Grant

Downtown Greensboro Inc. - 1st and 2nd quarter contribution for general administration

Greensboro Chamber of Commerce - 1st quarter contribution

Subway - employee gift cards (EBFC)

Downtown Greensboro - 2nd quarter

Just a few observations on this report in that there is already a 2nd quarter contribution for downtown greensboro for general administration but there is another contribution for 2nd quarter for $127,500, what gives?.  Then you have a total of $15,100 for subway cards with a (EBFC) next to it don't know what (EBFC) means but we do know that the the city employees are going to eat healthy on $15,100 in subway cards.

Now on to the area of the agenda with attachments in regards to vouchers issued against budget authorization not under contract and or encumbered;

City of Reidsville - purchase of water

City of Burlington - purchase of water

Why on earth are you buying this much water when the City of Greensboro is on the pipeline for the randleman dam. If there is a program that needs to be eliminated or just phase out over the year it is purchasing all of this water from both cities.

Citizens against local government waste is here to report and you decide but when the time comes to look at overall budgets for the year then these above need to be looked at .

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Will Tax For Food said...

Our problems will be solved when politicians and government workers around the world can be found on street corners carrying signs that read, "Will Tax For Food."

Anonymous said...

didn't you that melvin still controls downtown greensboro? dgi will get the lions share always! endless money pit if you ask me.

triadwatch said...

if melvin get his lions share it is time for some of us to point out this lions share so that when budget time comes around they are reminded of this.