Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Email to Howard Coble: Will those who voted for 2010's healthcare legislation, who also vote to eliminate Medicare cuts, betray the electorate?

If Medicare Cuts
are part of what makes the recently passed Healthcare Legislation “deficit reducing,”
and a 23% cut is not enacted in December,
how could those who voted for the legislation
be considered not guilty of misleeding the electorate?

From an email on the elimination of the Medicare cut:

"Is the new healthcare law accounting dependent on the 23% payment reduction?

If the can is kicked down the road,
does the math in the healthcare legislation become not operable? "

George Hartzman

"That is how the administration officials explained it to us,
so that is an insight as to their plans.

I think it means yes.

Their numbers are based on the law as it stands,
and it currently stands that the cuts will occur.

I think you know the answer to your last question."

Lee Beadling
Managing Editor, Orthopedics Today

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