Friday, November 12, 2010

Could many believe some relatively affluent “stakeholders” are trying to get government to discourage young minorities away from Downtown Greensboro?

Crude classifications and false generalizations
are the curse of organized life

H G Wells

Should we hate, slur, scapegoat, resent, envy, stigmatize
or stereotypically generalize when threatened?

It is an unmistakable lesson of history that when one group of people
starts to see another group of people
as ‘other,’ or as ‘different,’ as ‘undeserving,’
as ‘inferior,’
ill treatment inevitably follows.

Air Force Reserve Major David J R Frakt


jon said...
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jon said...

Are you inferring that young minorities are the cause of late night loitering and gun play downtown?

Hugh said...

The only explanation for the N Club changing it's format to exclude hip-hop/rap format is to remove that culture of patronage from it's premises.

George Hartzman said...

Meanwhile, taxpayers are funding downtown's park through Downtown Greensboro, while Downtown Greensboro trys to get some of the people who are paying for it to go elsewhere.