Friday, October 29, 2010

What could the News & Record Editorial Board be thinking?: Don Vaughan and Jeff Hyde Edition, with a little Rhino

"Ousted in 2005 following 14 years on the Greensboro City Council, Don Vaughan, a Democrat, has found a productive political afterlife in Raleigh.

Does the News & Record Editorial Board
believe backing an entrenched incumbent
financed by the real estate industry and out of state PACs
who is the less fiscally conservative, will bring more pork to Greensboro and Guilford,
with money borrowed from our children?

The first-time state senator, a lawyer by trade, earned his spurs during a freshman term that saw him successfully champion a breakthrough animal abuse law. The lobby in Raleigh against such legislation is fierce and well-funded...

How about naming some of the well funded pro-animal abuse special interests,
and how much they gave in contributions to whom?
Has the News & Record run a story about the immoral funding?
Vaughan also was an early supporter of the successful push by neighborhood groups to restore the right of protest petitions in Greensboro in zoning disputes. He ultimately sponsored the Senate bill that allowed Greensboro to reclaim a tool citizens in other North Carolina cities already possessed.

I appreciate the stance on Protest Petitions.

Vaughan’s opponent, Republican Jeff Hyde, is making his first run for elective office but helped found a local group, Conservatives for Guilford County. Hyde, 51, who owns a photography business, considers lower taxes for all businesses the best form of incentive. He sees government as an inhibitor, not an enabler for business and job creation.

Vaughan says he helped cut $3 billion from the state budget.

It's hard to know where that cut was because, in the midst of this recession,
Vaughan voted for the state budget that increased spending
and increased the number of state employees.

...According to the North Carolina Constitution, the budget has to be balanced,
which means either the state can increase taxes by $3 billion or cut spending by $3 billion,
or some combination of the two.

I would much rather have someone in Raleigh that wanted to cut spending, and that is Hyde.


A number of Hyde’s plainspoken ideas make good sense, especially when it comes to fiscal prudence. But Vaughan has served well in his first term as the District 27 senator and has made a promising beginning in the Senate.

Does the News & Record Editorial Board
believe Don will help retain a Democratic majority in Raleigh
and bring more borrowed money home, at our children's expense?

His solid accomplishments as a freshman merit a sophomore term."

The Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board

The art of government consists of taking as much money as possible
from one party of citizens to give to the other


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