Monday, October 11, 2010

Regulatory Ethics

Why would some real estate developers
want to work at regulatory authorities
and why would some retired regulators
want to work for the companies they regulated?
Is liberty dependent on limits for some
to provide minimal rights for others?
Are some things believed because those who do
don’t know any better
even when they could or should?
Why wouldn’t the real estate industry’s position
as a top political campaign contributor
correlate to subsidized real estate
being one of the government’s largest expenditures
and if not, why does the real estate industry
contribute so much to those who wouldn’t reduce profits?
Does Guilford County's real estate development elite
maintain high profit margins through superior business practices
or by financing the political process with profits provided by government?
If some financial estimates and hypothetical illustrations of economic impact
assume perpetual levels of varying data
can probability be manipulated?

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