Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mark Binker on Bruce Davis

...Davis said that the amounts in question “sounded right” when a reporter read them off.

If there was more than one reporter,
where did they meet and how many reporters were there?

“We have a payment agreement with them (the IRS) to fix it,” Davis said Friday.

“It’s nothing we’ve tried to avoid.

...This isn’t an issue of tax avoidance or anything underhanded.”

How do tax lien's accrue?

According to the IRS, the full amounts of any lien stays on record until it is satisfied in full.

...“I’m sure they want their money, but not as much as I want to give it to them,” Davis said.

When asked if he thought voters
might look askance at someone running for public office who owes back taxes,
Davis said this shouldn’t be an issue.

...The guess here is that Robinson and Wade
will be telling voters something different over the next three weeks.

Mark Binker
Greensboro News & Record

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