Saturday, October 30, 2010

John Blust and Jeffrey Simon Edition of "What could the News & Record Editorial Board be thinking?"

"Blust merits another term in House

Rep. John Blust has been waiting a long time to get a fair hearing on his agenda for budget and ethical reforms in state government.

And if Republicans gain the upper hand, he could get the opportunity that's eluded him since being elected to his first House term in 2000.

In GOP-leaning District 62, he's the odds-on favorite to defeat Libertarian Jeffrey Simon, a first-time candidate who says he offers an alternative to an entrenched incumbent.

Blust is the clear choice. His experience, including one term in the state Senate, gives him a solid grounding in the government process.

[Bruce Davis]...has learned the governmental process...

News & Record Editorial Board

He's gained a well-earned reputation as a vocal, persistent advocate for ethical reform and zero-based, line-item budgeting.

With zero-based budgeting,
every dollar that is available for the business will be allocated to a specific category.

The company will allocate all of the money to different categories
until there is no money left to spend on anything.

This type of budgeting tends to prevent frivolous spending...

Finance Blog

However, he sometimes gets hung up on philosophies, to the detriment of the political give-and-take needed to achieve practical goals.

Like not voting to borrow enough?

Where is the example?

What specific philosophies does he get "hung up" on?

Even if Republicans gain control of the House, he may still have to compromise to advance his worthwhile agenda.

Is Blust the enemy the News & Record Editorial Board knows,
as opposed to someone who may be more against
what the News & Record seems to be for?

What "practical goals" is the News & Record Editorial Board refering to?

Blust also needs to more actively pursue state funding for nuts-and-bolts causes such as nanoscience technology initiatives in Greensboro and High Point's furniture market...

Blust hasn't wanted to bring home enough bacon,
paid for with money borrowed from our children?

...despite the state budget crunch.

Does the News & Record Editorial Board believe it is moral
for our elected officials should do whatever it takes,
"despite the [$3 to 7 billion] state budget crunch"
regardless of the consequences to the neighboring communities in our state?

Whether or not the legislative tide turns in Raleigh, Blust's voice deserves to be heard.

"We don't like him,
his opponent wouldn't serve to keep North Carlolina under Democratic control,
but this is America, and we had to pick someone,
and there arn't any better options,
and we knew he'd read it,
so we might as well try to get some state sponsored nano and furniture money"?

But he must be willing to work more effectively within the system, no matter who's in control."

Anyone get the impression that the Editorial Board can't control John Blust?

The Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board

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