Thursday, October 28, 2010

Former Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson Tags Tea Party as Extremist

Heard from a fellow friend who sent me the transcript of a robo call voice mail message that was sent from former Greensboro Mayor and Democratic operative Yvonne Johnson . Here is what was said in the phone message sent out to Greensboro citizens.

"This is former Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson . It has almost been a year today that I lost me re-election bid by a few hundred votes. But I am not calling to talk about me, this call is about you. Republicans are turning out to early vote in record numbers and some Democrats are just sitting at home, things that are important to you are at stake to you in this year's election. Everything from jobs to schools.

Your vote is urgently needed to stop the EXTREMIST TEA PARTY  candidates from taking control of our government. Please Please vote. For more information bla bla bla . Paid for by Guilford County Democratic Party. "

Nice to see our former mayor tag the tea party as extremist. Also on a side note it was more than a few hundred votes but actually 961 votes. Nice try and good luck on tuesday.

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1 comment:

bubba said...

"Your vote is urgently needed to stop the EXTREMIST TEA PARTY candidates from taking control of our government."

Blah blah, woof woof.