Sunday, October 31, 2010

Could the ABC Board be considered negligent?

"ABC board, council didn’t spot problems

...Reports from both investigations are harsh.

They describe Alley as ...left unchecked by her board. ...the two reports leave unanswered how she was able to break state regulations, local rules and possibly some laws without consequence.

Could the ABC Board be considered negligent?

Without consequence, that is, until last week, when the Greensboro ABC Board fired her.

...Greensboro ABC board members meet once a month...

...“I think the ABC board has moved forward appropriately and we need to keep going,” said Greensboro City Councilman Robbie Perkins. “By and large the business-side of the ABC board is running fine.”

How is Robbie Perkins' "all is well" statement not a red flag?

Board members are unpaid, but they sometimes travel to industry conferences, typically held at posh resorts.

What perks have ABC Board members received how often?

“The local governments were letting these local ABC boards run wild,” said Rep. Pricey Harrison , a Greensboro Democrat.

Is Pricey implicating Greensboro's City Council?

Is Pricey's statement very different from Robbie's?

...Concerns raised by employees in the two sets of investigations never filtered up to the board...

...In April, state investigators asked the Greensboro ABC Board to put Alley on leave, suggesting her presence at work might hamper the investigation. The board declined...

Could the ABC Board be considered negligent?

...There should be no doubts now what is illegal or unethical, said state Sen. Don Vaughan, a Greensboro Democrat and Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan’s husband."

Mark Binker

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Wayne Stutts said...

A major problem with boards is they tend to advocate for the managers and forget who they are really supposed to advocate for. A classic unfortunate example was our City Council and Mitch Johnson. They , the Council, forgot about us who elected them.