Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time for a Reminder of Where You Can Place Political Sign Placement and Pictures of What Not To Do.

Greensboro City Signs 2008

It is time for a reminder of where you can place political signs in the triad area. Above you will see the regulations for the City of Greensboro and if you would like to see Guilford County, Jamestown and High Point CLICKHERE .

 Greensboro City Council member Nancy Vaughan has some pictures of campaign signs that are in areas that are illegal here are a few of the pictures. As you will see these pictures were taken on plenty of places up and down battleground avenue with the last picture taken at the intersection of battleground and pisgah church road where there is a huge median that is owned by the City of Greensboro and the whole median is illegal to post signs on. It is time to take them down .

Greensboro City Council member Nancy Vaughan had this to say on Facebook,

I am stunned by the number of illegal election signs! It is illegal to place signs in traffic medians or traffic islands. All Don Vaughan, NC Senate signs are placed with the landowners permission. If you see one of Don's signs in an illegal location you have our permission to take it down. I challenge other candid...ates to say the same!! If you can't follow the law how can we trust you to make the law?

These were taken on a small section of Battleground Avenue this morning. I can only imagine what the rest of the district looks like. I challenge people to hold "their" people ("their" team) accountable. When Don sees that one of his signs ...has been put up illegally he takes it down (and the only way that can occur is if it is one of the many that we've had to replace that have been "stolen" from private property and put up somewhere else). Candidates need to train their volunteers to do the right thing. To me, it is a question of integrity and it's the law."

There are a  lot of people who just don't care about these rules and regulations . This issue has been going on for a long time with little enforcement but i think there needs to be a NEW RULE . The new rule would be that every sign will have a section of it where the owner of the property will put his address on the sign along with his signature on each sign in the owners property. If there isn't a signature along with the exact address for the sign then the sign is illegal and needs to go. Read the sign regulations and have a great campaign.  

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Anonymous said...

Just like a liberal, to want to make more rules.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps we can understand how a person running for office the first time might make a mistake in where they place their signs. Professional politicians and members of the "ruling class" like Don and his wife, of course, would be quite adept at the rules and regulations. First of all, they probably wrote them. And then, too, they have held office for SO long that they barely need signs any more. After all, don't they just own those seats by virtue of the fact that they have been part of the Good Ole Boy network for so long? Rather than place so much importance on the issue of the signs, take a look at Mr. Vaughn's voting record, and see if he's still your candidate.
Does this look like a man who spends your money wisely?

Anonymous said...

Excuse #1:"Well, perhaps we can understand how a person running for office the first time might make a mistake in where they place their signs" - Not if they can read. Each candidate is given a memo, when they file, clearly outlining the law.

Excuse #2:"First of all, they probably wrote them. And then, too, they have held office for SO long that they barely need signs any more." Nope this ordinance has been around forever. Are you saying that if you perceive yourself at a disadvantage you get to break the law to even things up?

The Civitas ranking that the Tea Party people keep talking about is a flawed ranking. It cherry picks 20 votes out of 100s. Why not look at someones record in total - why because Civitas wants a predetermined result.


triadwatch said...

i am far from being a liberal,

George Hartzman said...

Don't conservatives believe in property rights?

Should I allow anyone to put a sign on my property?

If i fund the government, should I allow signs on my property without permission?

Anonymous said...

After I saw this blog, I tend to wonder don't we have more important things to worry about other than where political signs are placed? Like, out of control spending that this administration has given us? And before the democrats start throwing stones, you had better clean up your own house, like all of the Don Vaughn signs on Wendover Ave, the Pricey Harrison sign on Market, the Gladys Robinson sign that is not even in her district on Wendover and Lindsey St. Like I said, worry about more important things before you start on you soap box!

Anonymous said...

And we see where trusting Don Vaughn and the democrats have gotten us. Highest taxes in the Southeast, highest gas taxes in the southeast.....I think it is a time for CHANGE and who cares WHERE political signs are at. Sounds like the dems are in TROUBLE this year.