Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scott Yost on Guilford County Commissioners Profilgacy

"After shelling out $64,000 for a new high-tech system to track and record votes at meetings...The Guilford County Board of Commissioners'...meeting was...supposed to showcase the commissioners' new touch-screen computer system...

However, the commissioners, the clerk to the board and her assistant were so confounded by the new system that, halfway through the meeting, the board abandoned it and, instead, went back to the same voting method probably used by the Knights of the Roundtable...

When the commissioners, after purchasing the expensive new computers and having them installed, ended up voting by a show of hands rather than using their fancy new high-priced touch screens, an amused Commissioner Bruce Davis commented on the situation. "This is better than reality TV," Davis said.

...The county is always spending an exorbitant amount of money on computers to perform some functions others have been doing for years for a fraction of the cost."

If the Rhino's Scott Yost hasn't reported
on Guilford County's expected deficit or fund balance appropriations,
ow can his readers be able to determine whether or not
a $64,000 vote counting calculator is a prudent expenditure or not?
Scott Yost
Rhino Times

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