Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Information Request for the City of Greensboro

What was the dollar amount of the gap
between City of Greensboro's FY 2008/9 spending
and FY 2009/10’s revenues?

What is the projected dollar amount of the gap
between City of Greensboro's FY 2009/10 spending
and FY 2010/11’s expected revenues?

What is the expected dollar amount of the gap
between City of Greensboro's FY 2010/11 spending
and FY 2011/12’s expected revenues?
What were City of Greensboro's total fund balances
at the end of FY 2008/9,
and at the end of FY 2009/10,
and what are the anticipated year end total fund balances
for FY 2010/11?
What are the 8% statutory minimums
for City of Greensboro's total fund balances
for 2010/11?

George Hartzman
Triad Watch
September 8, 2010


Anonymous said...

As the city manager tried to explain to you last night, the city's job in response to a record request is to produce the records you ask for. It is not for them to speculate or do comparative anlaysis for you. While they may and should be willing to answer questions, asking them to speculate or express expectations is something they are not going to do.

So, it's up to you, George. If you see something problematic that you extrapolate from the data, tell us. But it is clear you are not going to get others to do it for you. You are going to have to say something that does not end with a question mark if you want to get your point across on this one.

George Hartzman said...

Hello Anonymous,

Here is what I think I know, but has not been confirmed in writing by the City of Greensboro.

In April, the Greensboro News and Record reported
the city could afford $75 million worth of projects over the next two years
including a Library, the Aquatic Center and a recreation center
without a tax increase, by eliminating jobs and loose leaf pick up.

In May, we were warned of a $9.26 million shortfall and of closed or canceled libraries,
and the elimination of school crossing guards.

In June, we ended up with a tax cut and a bigger budget than the year before.

Greensboro’s 2009’s net revenues
were about $9 million less than 2008’s,
and 2010’s net revenues are expected to be almost $8 million less than last year,
yet the city intends to spend a million more
without anyone explaining what happened to the crossing guards, loose leaf pick up
and the $9.26 million “shortfall.”

Greensboro intends to use more than $30 million of savings in 2010,
after spending almost $22 million of savings in 2009,
on top of spending more than $33 million in 2008.

2008's net revenues were $410 million,
2009's net revenues were $401 million,
2010's expected net is $393 million,
as the city draws down $85,633,808 of savings
in three years.
Don't know how much cash is left.

Don't know what expected budget deficit is.

Don't know how they figured out a way to spend $1 million more with a tax cut after telling everyone of millions in deficits and deep cuts.

So Anonymous, does the unknown information I am asking for seem to be worth knowing?

Or do you prefer blind trust in government?