Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ask for advice.

Accept and learn from criticism

Accept responsibility.

Don't criticize if it won’t help.

Chew intellectual cud.

Tell the truth, even when it doesn’t want to be heard.

If you need to lie, lie in the least dishonest way
and stop as soon as possible

Rise above and control emotion.

Don't say you can if you can’t, or say you’re going to and not.

Apologize when you’re wrong,
when you’re right and you say it wrong,
and when what you say doesn’t want to be heard.

Make the mundane entertaining.

Don't lose your temper, unless it would be bad to keep it.

Seek the company of who you can learn from.

Don't lead without permission.

Give good advice.

Turn a few options into numerous possibilities.

Don't Ask adversarial questions before considering probable replies.

Make routine trips adventures.

Forget what you give.

Value what you get.

Return what you borrow.

Replace what you break.

Forgive quickly.

Enjoy possibilities of what could be.