Monday, August 23, 2010

Has the Greensboro News & Record, Yes Weekly, the Rhino or any other news source reported on Guilford County’s 2010/11 Budget Deficit numbers?

Budget Deficit

The amount by which a government, company, or individual's spending
exceeds its income over a particular period of time.

Also called deficit or deficit spending.

Opposite of budget surplus.
"Mr. Hartzman,

Please see my responses below in blue..."

Michael Halford email to George Hartzman

What was the dollar amount of the gap
between Guilford County’s FY 2008/9 spending
and FY 2009/10’s revenues?

$548,894,797 – $547,402,275 = $1,492,522
What is the projected dollar amount of the gap
between Guilford County’s FY 2009/10 spending
and FY 2010/11’s expected revenues?

$596,945,277 - $535,745,660 = $61,199,617
Maybe that's why Fox refused to offer a number to the question
"what is the deficit" as opposed to "here are the proposed cuts"

George Hartzman, May 9, 2010
If the county spends down to thier reserve limit this year,
where are they going to get the $27,502,224
for increased principle and interests payments in 2011/12?
3rd Page, and the chart on the 5th shows debt payments going over the county guidlines
So if the county goes down to the reserve minimums this coming year,
will they have to cut the $34 million of no more reserves to raid
and then another $27 million from the budget for debt
on top of $4 [now 9] million more for 80 new detention officers in 2011/12?

George Hartzman, April 25, 2010
The City of Greensboro has yet to release comparable numbers
after repeated information requests.

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