Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Guilford County Commissioner Billy Yow,

[Billy] Yow said the $11.6 million
the county estimates the increase will bring in each year
will [NOT] come close to covering the bond debt voters approved
for new schools, parks projects and a new county jail.

Joe Killian

If Total Principal and Interest Due in 2010/12 is.........$98,352,299
and Total Principal and Interest Due in 2010/11 is ...-$70,850,005
the additional Principal and Interest Outlay is.............$27,502,294,
not counting additional corrections costs of ..................$9,000,000,
how can $11.6 million come close to covering the bond debt?

Do both Mr Yow and Parks seem to be shifing blame from the Commissioners
to the voters?
Update: "That’s actually a typo of some sort.
Can’t figure out who’s at fault but Yow said it will NOT come close."


Joe Killian
News & Record

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Joe Killian said...

We ran a clarification on the dropped word, though I talked to a number of readers who because of the "still..." afterward didn't understand what had been dropped and read it as though nothing had been dropped.

The human brain...