Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amanda Lehmert on Greensboro boards and commissions: What if what you think isn’t?

"City boards lack diversity

…the members of Greensboro’s boards and commissions,
people appointed to represent city residents on issues that affect quality of life,
…aren’t exactly representative of the community.

Forty-five percent of the membersare real estate professionals or lawyers.

Does thinking you understand what another says
mean you hear what they mean?
City statute dictates that the [rental] board
must be made up of people with business interests,
and people who represent housing advocacy groups and city districts.

But in reality, the board has few people who are advocates for residents.

Seven of the 10 current members work in the real estate industry.

…real estate professionals
also made up more than half of the members on the nine-member Zoning Commission,
a body that makes decisions that could kill or allow new development.

Should information be evaluated
by origin and relative legitimacy?

…the nine-member Planning Board which oversees land policies
has two members who are in the real estate industry,
and two who are attorneys working for real estate clients."

Amanda Lehmert
Greensboro News and Record

Can most people be fooled most of the time?

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