Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random thoughts and things to say on a hot summer night

Either I’m over-reacting, or you’re naïve

That’s not in my sphincter of influence

How do you know you die?

Are you familiar with the rings around Uranus?

If I were a robot and didn’t know, would you tell me?

Be the valedictorian of summer school

If you never know
can you ever know you never will?

Are some fanatical religionists concerns
about stem cell and abortion issues
due do extreme narcissistic beliefs
that humans are the G-d’s chosen species?

Eaten any chicken embryos lately?

Do most confronted with the unlimited choices of free will
usually imitate others?

If you were God,
would you want people to pray to you?

Would you judge people after they die?

Can a commonly consistent characteristic
of acquaintances involved in dissatisfying relationships
be the said acquaintance?

Could your life’s purpose
be to serve as a warning for what not to do?

Is it moral
to make an ethical decision?

Can you prove I didn’t make you think what you’re thinking?

Stapling feathers on your arms
does not make you a peacock.

If one in eight people are crazy
and as you look around it seems as though no one is…?

Could many who believe
the government should pledge their children’s future income
to prevent the failure of insolvent businesses
be indirectly advocating a political system
other than capitalistic democracy?

Uranus is not the center of the Universe
(double entendre)

I’m gonorrhea