Friday, July 9, 2010

It Looks Official Maybe, Robbie Perkins for Mayor of Greensboro, Dump The Developer!

The last post on tuesday had the Carolina Peacemaker with a article titled "Did the Carolina Peacemaker Endorse Robbie Perkins for Mayor", CLICKHERE .

Then Guarino had a post titled "Robbie Perkins Watch: Positioning to Become the African-American Candidate for Mayor", CLICKHERE  with a whole section at Guarino's blog related to post on Robbie Perkins CLICKHERE

Then we see a new article in the Rhino Times  titled "Perkins Kinda Sorta Running for Mayor", CLICKHERE 

here is a part of the article

"Perkins said the fact that he wanted to be mayor "shouldn't be a shock or news to anybody."

He said that to run for mayor next year, "A lot of things have to fall into place, but I don't see anything that will change that plan or goal." Perkins is the president of NAI Piedmont Triad, a commercial real estate firm.

A photo of Perkins was on the front page of the July 1 issue of the Carolina Peacemaker last week, with an article that quotes Perkins as answering the question about running for mayor by saying, "It's the next logical step." Robbie Perkins On July 6, Perkins said, "Well, it is the next logical step."

Triadwatch has a whole section just for Robbie Perkins recusals on council CLICKHERE with another section titled Robbie Perkins CLICKHERE.

It will be interesting to see if current Mayor Bill Knight will seek reelection again like he said in the Rhino article he has only been in office 7 months but in a position of mayor you need to be in campaign mode each and every day.

 Having a developer as mayor of a major city like Greensboro brings on plenty of conflicts especially with the close relationship of Robbie Perkins and local developer Roy Carroll who himself got in a huge ethical problem with lending his plane to the former Mayor of Greensboro in Yvonne Johnson, here is a post at ROCH 101 with a title "On Behalf of myself and the other misguided morons in Greensboro, I apologize to the Community Foundation of Greensboro", CLICKHERE . Plenty of ethical issues with that one and we also have Robbie Perkins texting Roy Carroll in China during a City Council meeting.

We also have to total influence of a lobbyist group on everything in Greensboro which is the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC) who as a group with Robbie Perkins company NAI Piedmont Triad tried to deny the citizens of Greensboro the right to a Protest Petition in the zoning process. He did vote to allow this bill to go through but TREBIC fought till the end for not allowing the citizens of Greensboro this state law which was available to every single municipality in this state except Greensboro.  Here is a link to everything in regards to the protest petition for greensboro but want to link you to what was written in yes weekly in a post here is the link CLICKHERE   with a title" People Power and Protest Petitions ". There is a lot to ponder but more post in future

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