Friday, July 23, 2010

How is going from an inspection driven, to a complaint based system for RUCO, not killing more people?

It’s no secret that my constituency would like to see this program go away.

Marlene Sanford
TREBIC President

“Our inspection process [for commercial properties] is very proactive.

We do inspect 100 percent of commercial properties.

If we were to change our inspection process for commercial properties to a reactive,
complaint-based program, it would be a huge disaster for a number of reasons.

And I don’t think it would be successful
on account of tenants and people that work for business owners who would not come forward.

Like renters who won't come forward
for fear of higher monthly payments and eviction?

They would be fearful that they would lose their job,
their livelihood or whatever the case may be.

Seventy-eight percent of structure fires occur in single-family houses and duplexes..."

Greensboro Assistant Fire Marshal David Lindsay

[Koury's Lisa] Dellinger said,
“It’s also come to our attention that there is a movement on city council to….”
[Jeff Sims, who represents the RUCO Advisory Board on the task force] finished her sentence:
“Go to a complaint-based system, and even, in some quiet corners,
to do away with it altogether.”
Where is the Greensboro News and Record Editorial
supporting a strong RUCO policy?
Hypocrite - A person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.
If 78% of structure fires occur in residences,
doesn't it make sense to try to make sure they're safe?
If the chances of a residential fire occuring at a rental property
are most likely higher than at an owner occupied home, how is gutting a rental inspection regime
not killing more people than would otherwise die, if the program had been left alone?
Are we our brother's keepers, or not?
Where are the leaders of the affected communities?

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