Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does District 1's T. Dianne Bellamy-Small intend to speak for some of her constituants at the RUCO meeting at TREBIC headquarters?

Meanwhile the RUCO taskforce will be meeting at 8 a.m. on Friday
to evaluate whether the program should continue.

Where is the location? Wait for it:

The Greensboro offices of Triad Real Estate & Building Industries Coalition,
or TREBIC, its better known acronym.

Jordan Green

"TREBIC (The Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition)

Who We Are;

The Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition
is a Guilford County organization of trade associations and business
formed in 1999 to take collaborative action...
in real estate sales, building, development, finance, management and leasing.

Our Mission

To promote a healthy real estate industry
by providing direct input
into the political, legislative, and administrative public policies
that encourages...a healthy real estate industry."

As your elected voice on the City Council, I am proud to represent District 1.

As your Council member, I will work for the well-being of residents of District 1 and the City of Greensboro.

T. Bellamy Small, Greensboro City Council, District 1

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Anonymous said...

It appears Jim Kee and Bellamy Small have the exact same words on their city web sites.

They must have been feeling the exact sentiments at the same time.

or one plagerized the other.

or someone else wrote both.

or one wrote for both.

or something other than the previous options.