Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deep Thoughts on Taxes, by the Rhino's Scott Yost and other thoughts

"County Talking Sales Tax Option

...the Guilford County commissioners have been bringing up the possibility of trying once again to persuade county residents that it would be in their best interest to vote themselves a sales tax increase.

...that is, put the option of a one-quarter of a cent (0.25¢) sales tax increase on the ballot and, if the voters approved it, the county would have an increased revenue stream.

On account of the County Commisioners need another $27,502,224 in FY 2011/12
on top of about $34 million of savings they intend to spend in FY 2010/11
after spending about $77 million over and above tax revenues in two years?

Commissioner Carolyn Coleman...said her main concern has always been that it's a regressive tax that hits poor people harder than rich ones."

Scott D. Yost
Rhino Times

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