Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skip Alston and Linda Shaw in violation of Guilford County Ethics Code?

Was Chairman Alston's financial interest
disclosed to the public in advance?
Avoid attempting to influence others
who are involved in making or administering a contract
on behalf of the public agency, even if you aren’t involved,
if you will derive a direct benefit from the contract. (G.S. 14-234 (a)(2)…

…Disclose the existence of the direct financial interest in advance.

Code of Ethics for the Board of Commissioners
of Guilford County, North Carolina

"…a conflict of interest existed
because County Commissioners Chairman Melvin "Skip" Alston
was a broker on the deal for the new hotel.

Alston recused himself from voting as a commissioner
but spoke to members of the city council on behalf of the hotel."

Joe Killian
Greensboro News and Record

Avoid deriving a direct benefit from contracts
in which you are involved in making or administering
on behalf of the public agency. (G.S. 14-234((a)(1)

Code of Ethics for the Board of Commissioners
of Guilford County, North Carolina
How are campaign contributions from interested parties
not a direct benefit?
Linda Shaw Campaign Finance Filing Posted in Truancy:
Roy Carroll and Richard Beard Contributors
Roy Carroll, Developer.........................................$500

Richard Beard, Developer....................................$100
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
"Richard Beard, a partner...that manages and markets Rock Creek, declined to comment.

The other building will be at an undeveloped corporate park
across Interstate 40 from the first site.
That site is owned by developer Roy Carroll."
Mark Binker and Richard Barron

Richard Beard...manages Rock Creek Center,
which has been reported to be the likely location
of one of the two planned American Express data centers.

Beard said he thinks Arnold's incentives plan [that Linda voted for?]
is a very good one.

"I'm very supportive of it," he said.

...Beard said he hopes all members of the economic development community
are using Arnold's plan as a selling point to offer to businesses
that are considering locating or expanding in Guilford County.

Beard also said he had "speculations"
about why American Express hasn't asked for incentives,
but he didn't wish to share those speculations.

Scott Yost

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