Monday, June 14, 2010

Should Greensboro borrow $40,000,000 and spend down $4,900,000 of reserves in the same year?

Page 125

"Approximately 70 full time equivalent (FTE) positions have been eliminated
in the General Fund among a variety of budget strategies to avoid a tax rate increase
for FY 10-11.
These reductions will produce an ongoing salary and benefits savings of about $2.8 million.
The position cuts are detailed on the appropriate departmental budget pages,
but include positions in Human Resources, Finance, Planning,
Field Operations, Transportation, Parks and Recreation,
Libraries and Engineering and Inspections.
An additional $2.5 million in savings from various reductions
in budgeted maintenance and operations accounts
also helps achieve a balanced budget."

Is the City of Greensboro eliminating Police and maintenence
to borrow to build a swimming pool,
about $6 million of which was not approved by voters
and street scaping?

Recommended 2010/11 Appropriated Fund Balance $4,973,248

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