Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess who “generally” meets on a monthly and “likely” quarterly basis?

"Downtown Area Consolidated Plan Committees

The Core Team will be responsible for managing and directing the planning process.

Members represent major economic stakeholders will thoroughly examine and develop specific draft proposals and recommendations.

The group will also serve to lead advocacy efforts to implement projects from the plan into the future.

The Core Group will generally meet on a monthly basis.

Skip Alston
Guilford County

Roy Carroll, (taxpayer funded) Greensboro Partnership Board Member,
(taxpayer funded) Triad Partnership Board Member,
employer of Al Leonard, (taxpayer funded) DGI Board Member
The Carroll Companies

Dan Curry
City of Greensboro

Dick Hails
City of Greensboro

April Harris
Action Greensboro

Bill Knight, (taxpayer funded) DGI Board Member
taxpayer funded) Piedmont Triad Partnership Board Member
City of Greensboro

Afrique Kilimanjaro
Carolina Peacemaker

Ed Kitchen, (taxpayer funded) Greensboro Partnership Board Member
(taxpayer funded) Piedmont Triad Partnership Board Member
Joseph M. Bryan Foundation

Michael Schiftan, (taxpayer funded) DGI Board Member
Devcon Resources

Andy Scott
City of Greensboro

Mac Sims
East Market Street Development Corp

DGI operates on a $1.1 million budget.

The money comes from three sources.

Half comes from a special 9-cent tax levied on downtown property owners;
(from taxes levied on customers, otherwise known as taxpayers)
30 percent is tax money
from the general fund of the city of Greensboro and Guilford County;
and 20 percent comes through fundraising.

Ed Wolverton
Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Guess who “likely” meets quarterly?

Advisory Team

The Advisory Team will be responsible for bringing additional viewpoints and perspectives to the planning process.

The team will also be charged with communicating and engaging residents from throughout the entire community about the planning effort.

As such, members represent a wide spectrum of direct and indirect stakeholders.

The Team will serve to evaluate draft recommendations and identify potential community concerns and issues.

The group will likely meet on a quarterly basis.


Pat Danahy
(taxpayer funded) Greensboro Partnership
(taxpayer funded) Piedmont Triad Partnership Board Member

Larry Davis
City of Greensboro

Betsey Grant
Greensboro Children’s Museum

Willie Hammer
Rhino Times

Brenda Jones Fox, DGI Board Member
Guilford County

Rick Lusk
City of Greensboro

Ed Mathews
WFMY, whose Deborah Hooper
is a (taxpayer funded) Greensboro Partnership Board Member

Robin Saul, (taxpayer funded) Greensboro Partnership Board Member
News & Record

Susan Schwartz, (taxpayer funded) DGI Board Member,
(taxpayer funded) Greensboro Partnership Board Member,
and (soon to be taxpayer funded) Children's Museum Board Member
Cemala Foundation

Rashad Young, (taxpayer funded) DGI Board Member
City of Greensboro"


Anonymous said...

Hey small businesses looking to relocate to Greensboro, please come, but know that you have no chance of getting any good business because DGI, the Greensboro Partnership and the Triad Partnership already have it sown up cause they bought and are in bed with the politians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

triadwatch said...

carolina peacemaker should never be a part of the process with the crap and total lies coming out of this newspaper