Friday, June 4, 2010

Call for Racial Unity in Greensboro N.C. by Marcus Brandon

The above video is from the Greensboro City Council meeting on June 1, 2010 where Marcus Brandon made a call for racial unity in Greensboro N.C.

Here is a little background on Marcus Brandon after his election defeat of Earl Jones in N.C. House District 60 from John Hammer from the Rhino Times

" The shocker on election night was that District 60 North Carolina state Rep. Earl Jones lost to political newcomer Marcus Brandon in the Democratic primary.

Still, it is a shock for a political newcomer like Brandon to pull such an upset. Brandon said he has been working on this for over a year. Jones has always been vulnerable to a big campaigner because Jones doesn't usually do much unless someone convinces him that he is about to lose. Jones ended up with 1,083 votes for 40 percent, and Brandon got 1,612 for 60 percent of the votes."

Later in the article was this quote,

"Brandon said he thought it was time to move past the politics of the lunch counter and the picket line. If he is as good as his word, Brandon could help bring about some needed change in the state."

After seeing the video and with this quote above and also seeing Marcus Brandon at a forum before the primary election it is no wonder he won with over 60% of the votes. There is still a general election come fall with Marcus Brandon going against Republican Lonnie Wilson but with a lot of these districts gerrymandered to favor certain parties you will probably see Marcus Brandon in Raleigh come next year . This video will show that Marcus Brandon wants racial unity for all of GreensboroNorth Carolina.

The video embedded above is a must see video for all citizens of Greensboro.

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