Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Would it be ethical for a Greensboro City Council Member…

Would it be ethical for a Greensboro City Council Member to ask for and receive $1,000 worth of complimentary passes to the taxpayer funded Greensboro Coliseum Complex to reward a $500 campaign contributor for their financial support?

If it is not ethical, why is it allowable?

If it is allowable, why are there no records of Council Members reciept of free passes to a taxpayer funded venue?

Why haven't Council Members who touted "transparency" during election cycles moved to eliminate an obvious avenue of unethical behavior at taxpayer expense?

Would the money pit that may be the Aquatic Center have occured, if the Coliseum hadn't had what could have been "blackmail" type evidence or reverse backscratching oppurtunities?

Would the ampetheater or the VIP room?

Why would some senior City employees give a pass to such a financially irresponsible swimming pool without a legitimate third party feasability study?

Why would some senior City employees remove balance sheet costs to make the Coliseum look more financially vibrant than it actually is?

Why would some information dissemination conduits openly cheerlead greater autonomy for a publicly owned venue that may be using free passes as a currency to gain favor from local politicians and opinionators?

Why have some news storys not been published by some local journalists concerning the above questions?

Why isn't the War Memorial Commission addressing these issues, because they were appointed by City Council Members?

Why arn't some senior City officials addressing these issues, because they are enjoying some of the same benefits of some City Council Members?

Same with top execs in the local news industry?


Anonymous said...

If Council Members, City Officials and The Press are all taking bribes from Matt Brown, no wonder we got stuck with the Aquatic Center.

We have been let down by our news outlets.

We have been let down by those who are supposed to be keeping an eye on the government for the people.

We have been let down by our local elected leaders.

We have been let down by a toothless oversight committee.

Anonymous said...

So a junior reporter does a story critical of the colesium, the publisher or whoever is getting free stuff from the colesium, which taxpayers are paying for, kills the story before it goes to print.

Meanwhile the city execs with the good perks do what they can to keep everything just like it is while they get Miley Cyrus 5th row seats with free parking passes.

Super Duper.

Anonymous said...

Matt Brown owns the Council, Greensboro's top employees and the press.

We should give him the keys to the city, but he already has them