Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shaw and Spag Endorsement Bizarreness: Are John Hammer and Scott Yost in League with Skip Alston?

...county government has been co-opted
by the commissioners' chairman, Skip Alston, and vice chairman, Steve Arnold,
who have often ruled ruthlessly and secretively.
Alston and Arnold could not have accomplished any of this
without the tacit complicity of the other nine commissioners,
who actually re-elected them to those leadership posts.

Even as duo has run roughshod over any number of the tenets of good government,
the other commissioners have rarely complained
and given Alston and Arnold pretty much carte blanche to do what they want.
Allen Johnson

"For years we have ranted and raved about the Guilford County Board of Commissioners raising taxes, spending too much money and increasing the size of government.

…a coalition of Democrats and Republicans making up a majority on the Board of Commissioners has changed all of that…County Commissioner Linda Shaw is a part of that coalition that is keeping taxes flat in time of falling revenue and making real reductions in the size of county government…"

The Rhinoceros Times

Did Someone in Guilford County's Government
Lie to the Greensboro News and Record on the Budget Deficit?
George Hartzman
Triad Watch, Sunday, April 25, 2010

"…The coalition is led by the Democratic Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston and Republican Commissioner Steve Arnold."
Spagnola forced her to admit that bonds approved by voters
will likely result in an eventual tax increase,
and then she tried to run from the statement.

Good government depends on elected officials standing behind their words
so that honest debate can occur.

Spagnola, then, is better suited for the job.

Yes! “Liberal” Weekly Endorsement of Spag
"They are doing what we have been saying they should do for years, and Shaw is a part of all of that…"
…she has sat on a complacent board that meekly acquiesced
and allowed Chairman Melvin “Skip” Alston, Vice Chairman Steve Arnold
and County Manager Brenda Jones Fox to run roughshod over good government.

The secretive budgeting process,
employee firings and Alston’s inappropriate brokering of a downtown hotel deal
are a few examples.

…Spagnola…appears most likely to show some backbone
and demand accountability and transparency in county government.

"…The proposed budget also does not have a tax increase and involves some serious cuts to county spending."
Could Guilford County face a $61 million budget deficit in 2011/12?
George Hartzman
Triad Watch, Monday, April 26, 2010

"Sam Spagnola, who is running against Shaw in the Republican primary said that Shaw is not conservative enough and if he is elected he plans to vote no on many of the initiatives that this coalition is now passing."
Is Guilford County, NC
going to burn through $89,857,200 of savings in two years?

George Hartzman
Questions for America, April 16th, 2010

"Shaw is practicing what we have been preaching…"

Private interests use their access to politicians to get special treatment.
Often this comes in the form of tax incentives
which are nothing more than a subsidy paid by you to often wealthy corporations,
and that aren’t available to everyone else.

The Spag Platform

Where is Linda Shaw’s pre-election campaign finance report?
To not raise taxes, does Guilford County, NC intend to spend $36,695,976
more than expected revenue in FY 2010-11?

George Hartzman
Questions for America, April 16th, 2010


Anonymous said...

"One of the most disruptive, most ill-behaved commissioners, District 3 Commissioner Linda Shaw, is up for election and voters have a wide range of choices.

If you don't want the commissioners to continue to embarrass Guilford County, then elect someone who won't throw water on Skip Alston like Shaw did, dragging the whole matter out for weeks.

Shaw is one of the ones who bickers and makes snide comments that have nothing to do with the issues.

For those of you who are conservative Republicans, she also votes for incentives for big corporations and refused to vote for the Republican nominee for chairman last year when the Republican could have won.

Spagnola is an attorney who spends a lot of his time in juvenile court. He is the best of the three as far as experience and being able to handle the politics involved in being a commissioner. He says he is not in favor of property tax increases but would like to look at some kind of impact fee for new developments. Hearing about any kind of new fee is troubling from a Republican, but he said he thought it should be investigated as a possibility to keep property taxes down."

–John Hammer, April 27, 2006

TREBIC doesn't like Spag, ergo The Rhino doesn't like Spag.

Hammer must be taking orders from Marlene Sanford.

What a bunch of hypocrytes.

If Spag's a conservatives wet dream, the Hammer boys just got caught with thier hands in croney capitalism cookie jar.

Anonymous said...

"Spagnola said one reason he chose to run against Shaw is that he disagrees with "Linda's affection for incentives."

Over the past few years, Shaw is one of only two current Republican Guilford County commissioners who regularly supports giving away taxpayer money in the form of incentives to rich corporations – ones that pretend as though they are still trying to decide where they are going to relocate or open additional facilities."

Scott Yost, April 27, 2006

Roy Carroll wants Linda Shaw's vote for his incentives, The Rhino endorses Shaw.

Robbie Perkins wanted his "incentive" developer tax break, the campaign checks flow, The Rhino get the ad revenue from the candidates through TREBIC bundling etc..., Linda gets the Rhino endorsement.

This time it's so blatently obvious.

Anonymous said...

Spag is a liability to the TREBIC crowd because he can't be controlled by the developers.

They want their tax breaks and incentive money.

He is saying he is going to vote against giving our money, taxpayer money, to the in crowd.

Looks like the Rhino represents the in crowd.

All that stuff Hammer writes about sticking to conservative principles is crap.

Anonymous said...

Skip Alston is the leader of the real estate industry for the county.

He is no different business wise than Roy Carroll and friends.

How much money has Skip voted to give to his real estate freinds since he got in?

There is no difference between Skip and Robbie Perkins.

But the Rhino busts on Robbie but kisses Skip's Arse.