Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On Greensboro’s Recommended FY 2010/11 budget

" • No tax increases

Except for a 8.75% water and sewer rate increase,
what you pay and/or your time expended on leaves,
and the other fees and fines?

• Combining yard waste with leaf pick-up, while eliminating loose leaf collection

So the City can borrow to pay for a fraudulently marketed Aquatic Center?

• Increasing parking rates and fines

Kind of like a tax increase under a different heading?

• Delaying a fire training class

A less prepared fire department for a money losing Aquatic Center,
to transfer Greensboro taxpayer's wealth to the city's restaurant and hotel industry?

• Increasing water and sewer rates by 8.75 percent

If Mike Baron is anywhere near correct on falling use
versus reckless overinvestment in infrastructure,
how is this not a travesty?

• Reducing, but not eliminating, summer park programs

For a Swim Center for the relatively white and wealthy,
to be paid for by removing services from the relatively minority and poor?

To take from the multitude of Softball players to give to fewer Swimmers?

• Limiting bond projects to $40 million

Is the word “limiting” supposed to engender impressions of frugality?
Do you feel pacified now?

How about limiting bond projects to $0 while the city,
state and country’s income is falling as half of Europe slashes budgets by 10-20%?

Is the City expecting another “Cash for Clunkers” stimulus?

Are our leaders advocating an extension of the $8,000 home buyer credit
or another billion or two for the State from the Obama Administration?

Are the City’s budget writers expecting incomes to rise as the Bush tax cuts expire next year, which will clip Adjusted Gross Income
and NC state tax revenues even more?

• Eliminating school crossing guards

If a little kid gets hit so the city can borrow to buy a swimming pool…?

• Reducing general fund contributions to Downtown Greensboro Inc.
How about the Greensboro Partnership?

Highlights of the proposed City budget, via press release, Via Ed Cone:"

George Hartzman


triadwatch said...

here is a link to a post from 08 on saving greensboro some money.

also does the city still have a waste of a person in a lobbyist at the state level.

Amanda said...

The delay in the firing training class doesn't actually have anything to do with cutting costs. The new fire station those recruits are meant to staff won't be built in time, so that is why they are delaying the class. It's just a coincidence that it will be saving the city money.


George Hartzman said...

Thank you Amanda.