Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guilford County's New Ethics Policy with No Thanks to Shaw, Yow and Arnold on Censure Procedures

Code of Ethics - Final Approved 050610 for Guilford County Board of Commissioners

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners on 5-6-2010 voted 11-0 to approve the new Ethics policy after a lengthy discussion about the censure procedures where a substitute motion was offered by none other than Steve Arnold who is not the most ethical politician when it comes to unloading property before a court date . Here is a quote from the Greensboro News & Record with a title "Judge Says County Commissioner Can't Avoid 1 Million + Plus Debt" here is the quote

"In issuing the opinion Wednesday, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Thomas W. Waldrep Jr. found that Arnold transferred tracts of land to relatives to avoid creditors after defaulting on loans and agreements. Waldrep said there were “multiple badges of fraud” in the case, in which Arnold admitted under oath to trying to keep assets from creditors"  CLICKHERE

It is great when you have a judge saying that a county commissioner had multiple badges of fraud. Would this ethics policy been used for this case? The censure procedures are in place for a reason and to see Steve Arnold try to take this out of the policy really shows his true colors. Then we also had Linda Shaw and Billy Yow as well vote in a substitute motion to get rid of the censure, bad move on their part.

The other day the editorial board at the Greensboro News and Record chimed in on this new Ethics Policy CLICKHERE  Here is a part of the editorial

"Supporting Arnold, Commissioner Billy Yow worried that such actions “could get into the constitution, freedom of speech, perhaps,” and trigger lawsuits.

Yow need not fret about that. The policy allows censure, not censorship. A censure is an official expression of disapproval. It would carry no legal weight and would not remove a commissioner from office. But it would let the board state publicly that it intends to hold its members to a high standard of personal conduct."

The scribd version of the Guilford County Ethics policy is above and hopefully in the future there can be some add ons to this policy because the Commissioners never had a time where the general public could look at the policy before they voted on it. Correct me if i am wrong but has the City of Greensboro or City of High Point adopted a new Ethics Policy? Would love to know and will try to find out the answer in a update to this post.

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