Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PART 2 : It Is Time For The Greensboro City Council To Take The TREBIC Blinders Off and Require Neighborhood Meetings

Here we go again, not even a month later, another rezoning case where the applicant didn't meet with the neighborhood in Greensboro.

Last month TRIADWATCH posted this CLICKHERE .

The Greensboro Zoning Commission on 4-12-2010 had this a an agenda item;

Z-10-04-002 - 3500, 3502 and 3504 Church Street (Northeast corner of the intersection of Church Street and Denny Road) – An ordinance rezoning from RS-9 (Residential-Single Family) to CD-LB (Conditional District-Limited Business) *[CD-C-L (Conditional District-Commercial-Low)] with the following conditions:
1. Uses: All uses allowed in the LB zoning district except convenience stores (with fuel pumps) and any use with a drive-thru.

2. Hours of operation shall be limited to 6:00 AM thru 10:00 PM.
3. Where the property abuts a designated transit stop, the developer shall provide an easement and concrete pad(s) built to GTA standards for a bus stop if one is requested by any transit authority.
– for property located at 3500, 3502 and 3504 Church Street, generally described as the northeast corner of the intersection of Church Street and Denny Road (0.85 Acres)
– Alejandro Rocha Perez for Avreliano Rocha.(Sheet(s) 127)

As you can see from the video above Greensboro Zoning Commission, member Cyndy Hayworth was not impressed with how they didn't meet with the neighborhood especially with this case going from residential to commercial. The irony of this rezoning is that the person speaking for the applicant was Emily Arzate from Keller Williams Real Estate Agency. She should have known better even being in the real estate business to meet with the neighborhood on a commerical rezoning.

We need to ask the Greensboro Planning Department if they are letting these applicants know what is in their best interest to meet with the neighborhood on rezoning cases.

Triadwatch has been talking in the past about how neighborhoods all over Greensboro have been getting the short end of the stick in the zoning process.

As you can see from the video above from 4-12-2010 and from this video on 3-8-2010 as well CLICKHERE

We had a applicant who was changing a property from residential to commercial and didn't even bother talking with the neighborhood about the rezoning. It is time for the Greensboro City Council to take their Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition(TREBIC) Blinders Off and make a requirement for the applicant to have a REQUIRED MEETING 21 days before the zoning commission meeting.

The City of Greensboro is in the process of maybe approving this new Land Development Ordinance and the part of the zoning process has a watered version called "meet and confer," which should be mandatory.

There has been plenty of talk about this issue, but I wanted to bring you a video to show what went on at the zoning commission this past week and to reiterate to citizens in Greensboro to write or call or e-mail your city council members to let them know that a requirement to meet with the neighborhood needs to be a part of the process.

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Anonymous said...

Ever think that's why the zoning commission turns them down if they don't meet wiht the neighbors. Get a clue.

triadwatch said...

do you know that even if the zoning comission denies it 9-0 they can still waste time and appeal to the city council. This needs to be a requirement to meet with surrounding neighbors and even in the case above we have a realtor who was asked point blank did you meet with the neighbors and the answer was no .But the answer should have been yes and this is what took place 3 weeks before the zoning commission meeting.

But with Marlene Sanford a paid lobbyist for the real estate industry it is hard to get anything passed to help the neighborhoods, just take how much they lobbied against protest petition for greensboro

Jordan Green said...

Zack Matheny is requesting that this rezoning be continued and the planning department give the applicant some guidance, including meeting and conferring with the neighbors right now. The applicant is a small business owner, not exactly a developer.

triadwatch said...

jordan the small business owner had a real estate agent as it's presenter. You wouldthink that a real estate agent would know that if you change zonings then it would be reasonable to meet with the surrounding neighbors.