Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do Skip and Deena want Guilford County Taxpayers to fund a hotel parking deck with our kid’s school money?

Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity
whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution.


Schools should cut and trust more, commissioners say
J. Brian Ewing
Greensboro News and Record, April 8, 2010

School budget shortfall could hit $27 million for coming year
J. Brian Ewing
Greensboro News and Record, April 6, 2010

Word for the day: Fungible

Fungible means interchangeable.

The word comes into play when earmarked funds
end up in a general account.

These funds are then free to be used for purposes other than intended.


Anonymous said...

What's $3,000,000?

60 $50,000,000 per year jobs.

Anonymous said...

I meant $50,000

Anonymous said...

So Skip and Deena want to use $3,000,000 of our money so they can reap the profits off of the hotel getting built.

Skip will get his unknown commission, and Deena's boyfriend will pay their mortgage payments.

Isn't Deena on the School Board?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Deena is on the School Board.
Yes, she's in a position to reach into the cookie jar, take our taxpayer money, and put it directly in the pockets of her and her live-in boyfriend.
And, yes, anyone who challenges her thievery will be called racist because Deena is black.
This city runs on racism, make no doubt about that. And thieves like Deena are getting rich from our hard-earned tax money.