Friday, March 19, 2010

How could some describe leaders facing a deficit who simultaneously suggest a tax cut while borrowing to build a swimming pool?

The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism
by those who don't have it

George Bernard Shaw

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Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder. But once again, the elitest run over the everday working person. That's why Matt Brown had the contract ready to be signed and now the only bonds that may get funded are the ones where a contract has already been signed. So projects from 2000 won't get funded and probably none of the most recent bonds will either. How can you go ahead with a 12million dollar plus 7 more million dollar pool when the city has an 11.6 deficit? Communities that have been asking for sidewalks, housing assistance and the really important things we need in this city will continue to go lacking. We have become nothing but a city of pleasure venues. Watch them fund Matt Brown's amphitheatre. Transparency in government in Greensboro has become a joke. Sharon M. Hightower

George Hartzman said...

Sharon Hightower is awesome