Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guilford County Chairman Skip Alston is the Greensboro News & Record's Whippin Boy

At the Guilford County Commissioners meeting on March 4, 2010 during the time where each commissioner gets to comment for everyone to see Chairman Skip Alston had plenty to say about the Greensboro News & Record the video is embedded below. At around the 30 second mark is where the chairman say that the Greensboro News and Record treats him like their" whippin boy". Then later Skip Alston says that the guilford beat writer Joe Killian in his years being a county commissioner has never met someone as unethical as him.It also seem like the chairman also has issues with the News & Record farther up the ladder of seniority.

A lot has been talked about over the last few weeks about this back and forth between the county commissioners Skip Alston , Linda Shaw and the News & Record writer Joe Killian. The Rhino Times has a article out today on this issue  with a title "Commissioners Blast N&R" CLICKHERE

The video last about 3 minutes and 49 seconds but there is a lot to see in this video. This is why local bloggers can fill in the blanks because the News & Record probably doesn't want to report about this and the Rhino Times online edition probably has never embedded a video to save it's life.

So have some popcorn and enjoy Guilford Chairman Skip Alston vs. Greensboro News & Record.

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Anonymous said...

great video.

Seems like a win for Joe.

jon said...

Why is this a win for Joe? Seems to me that the N&R and Joe look foolish when both "combatants" deny the veracity of his story.

triadwatch said...

jon, it it tough to question a anonymous post but to hear the chairman talk about being unethical to a beat writer who i think and could be wrong has only been on that job since late december.

I know the rhino talked about this issue but am glad that the video is out for all to see. There is also the county commissioner linda shaw talking about this issue with N&R joe killian as well from the same county commissioner meeting,i haven't downloaded that one but did get her asying that she doesn't blog. That was funny to hear her say that.

thanks for commenting jon and anon

Anonymous said...

Why would Joe report something factually incorrect?

Why would Linda Shaw deny a statement that could aleinate a constituancy months before an election?

Why would Skip and Linda decide to agree on a story that contradicts a reporter that had nothing to gain by reporting what he says he was told?

Why would John Hammer go to the mat for Linda Shaw via proping up the less than credible Skip Alston?

Shy didn't the News and Record retract the story?

Why did Skip adopt Hammer's talking points?

Is there a correlation between Skips day job, Hammer's ad revenues and Linda's opponent's anti-developer views?

Think about where most of the Campaign Donations that pay Hammer for ads comes from.

Think about how Hammer wants to get out from under the recent Rhino boycott announcements by Skips backers.

Compare the money the Rhino could bring in from a endorsed Linda Shaw campaign compared to a Spag campaign that's not in TREBIC's pockets.

Believe it or not, these are the chess pieces on the table.

George Hartzman

Anonymous said...

Think about who actually runs Greensboro and Guilford County.

Anonymous said...

The Hammers and the Rhino arn't reporting, they are manuevering opinion for profit.

Anonymous said...

The Hammers and the Rhino are in the business of creating profit by any means, even if they have to sell out thier readers to get more ad money in.