Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Google High Speed Internet Math and Etc...

If what you pay for Movies on Demand - Free Downloads +- any extra cost- What Time Warner or Satellite Channels you eliminate as many shows become “free”= How much you save with a competitive high speed internet access,

which, if the average cost savings per household is about $50 per month,
about 50,000 households x $50 per month = $2,500,000 x 12 months,

so $2,500,000 x 12 months = $30,000,000
could be spent by Greensboro’s consumers every year
on something other than payments to a national media company
headquartered elsewhere
with some re-spent within our community, for the benefit of our community,
like locally owned for-profit restaurants, venues, clothing stores etc…?

Would it be less expensive without Google?

If so, Google or not, should Greensboro do this regardless?

Could our real estate values increase?

Could our local tax revenues increase, offsetting declines elsewhere?

Better than a hotel?

Isn’t about $400,000,000 of low cost financing available
for a project like high speed internet?

Didn’t TV used to be free,
and now we pay billionaires to watch commercials?

Doesn’t the local technology community have overwhelming expertise
that could easily accomplish something like high speed internet for Greensboro
and surrounding areas?

Why not the whole Piedmont Triad?

Doesn’t North Carolina have about four hundred million dollars
of unallocated stimulus financing available for viable projects?

How many new businesses with new jobs could Greensboro attract
with or without Google’s profit margin
which would increase costs that would otherwise benefity the community?

If water is a municipal service
whose costs and surpluses are shared by the community,
why not internet access if just about everyone uses it,
which could make Greensboro way more attractive to for-profit businesses
looking to expand or relocate?

Or shall we remain Sheeple as the world changes,
as we remain the same waiting for outside help to tell us what to do?

Unless the math is way incorrect.
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Anonymous said...

This issue has turned out to be a disaster. The City has wasted $10,000 of taxpayer funds to design a website my 6 year old daughter could do. Once again this shows how inexperienced this council person is and how every issue he brings forward is a mess. We need someone to come in and clean this up fast or we will look like a bunch of fools. One question someone should be asking is why wasn’t there a bid for contractors to design this website. If I am not mistaken the company used was the same company that Zack was irate over when it was first presented to council. Who cannot forgot his comments “Who is We when you say We”