Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Greensboro Coliseum and Ticket Sales: The new "Authority" story is surely a coincidence?

What Do Concert Ticket Sales Say About The Economy?

…an interesting Email [To Mish Shedlock] from a "Ticket Salesman";

Hi Mish

I don't care what the media says, the economy is getting worse and I can see it in ticket sales and even questions about tickets.

Last February, most of my ticket sales were requesting "Best available" and big concerts sold out within days or weeks…Concerts sold out from the front (highest ticket price) to the back.

By mid summer, I began to notice that the buying was changing. Concerts sold from the front and from the back but the middle seats were selling last. I have only voices to gauge age but it seems to me that the 40-55 crowd had begun to disappear.

By early fall, the cheap seats were selling out first. This pattern started first in Chicago, spread throughout the midwest, then over to the Carolinas, south to Florida and across to Arizona.

Since December, the most often question that I get is "If I buy at the venue, do I have to pay the service charge?"

…Throughout all this, the college crowd consistently bought without complaint. That has changed since Christmas. Now, the college kids are trying to beat the $6-8 ticket fees.

…The deterioration has been slow, but constant for a year and I don't see any signs of improvement…

"Ticket Salesman"
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