Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gerrymandering Needs To Get A Closer Look In North Carolina , Time To Get A Move On, REPOST

This post is a repost from earlier in the year where all of the citizens of North Carolina need to be aware of the gerrymandered districts and with the shift of power in both houses of N.C. government and what will happen next.


At Duke University there will be a panel discussion titled,

Drawing Lines: The Future of Redistricting in America

February 26, 2010 ~ Duke University School of Law

With the new census for 2010 coming out there will be plenty of discussion on the way our politicians pick us not how we pick our politicians.It is amazing to see so many local North Carolina House and Senate seats go untouched with no competition because too many districts are gerrymandered to death in this state and plenty other states all over this country.
What is gerrymandering? Gerrymandering is the manipulation of the redistricting process for political gain.
Triadwatch is going to start a new section to the left titled STOP GERRYMANDERING with links to plenty of web sites all over this country who are trying to make a difference in this subject . There is also going to be a documentary out soon on this subject CLICKHERE 
Let's take a closer look at our federal districts in Guilford County and how screwed up it looks  for Congressman Mel Watt in red, Brad Miller in green and Howard Coble in teal. 
  Guilford County Congressional Districts

As you can see we have 3 congressman splitting up greensboro like a 3 way pie. Now ask yourself this question, out of the three congressman who do you see the most around these parts and do you feel represented by 2 of them being from 2 completely different parts of North Carolina where Mel Watt is from Charlotte and Brad Miller is from Raleigh. It is time for a complete overhaul of this gerrymandering where back in 2000 Brad Miller gerrymandered himself into his own district , how nice was that.

Examples of a unbiased district-drawing algorithm in action / comparisons with gerrymandered districts drawn by politicians here is the link to range voting and below is what it might look like on a map of North Carolina and our 13 districts. CLICKHERE 

Range Voting Districts in NC

It is time for a non partisan commission to look at our local, state and federal districts all over this state and come up with a fair and balanced representation of like minded and territorial districts that make sense for the people of this state. What we have now is a total joke and everyone knows it. Even the politicians on the minority side of North Carolina politics like minority leader Phil Berger who lives in Rockingham County and Stan Bingham from Davidson County but crosses over into Guilford County which goes against our State Constitution.

Here is also a post from May of 2009 with a title "North Carolina Redistricting Experts Ask: Is There A Better Way" CLICKHERE

We will see what happens after the census but wanted to put a blog bug in your ear about this issue for the citizens of North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

You should consider joining the Election Science Foundation. They are trying to incorporate and get the material at pushed as a non-profit entity.

Anonymous said...

Also, I have had Mexican food and swung down a zip line at Scribd's offices in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Gerrymandering should be made illegal. The new method is how it should be. But, don't expect the politicians to do anything so democratic and fair and perhaps even honest. BB

triadwatch said...

bb thanks you are correct it should be illegal and will check out site broken ladder

Anonymous said...

It does no good to "make Gerrymandering illegal" unless you specify what that means, in objective terms that cannot be gamed by politicians. That's why the Shortest Splitline Algorithm is so powerful.

triadwatch said...

more people need to be aware of what has been going on and it needs to quit and all you need to do is look at mel watt's district