Friday, January 15, 2010

Randall Kaplan and Bridget Chisolm Interview on Newsmakers at News and Record, Name All The Investors

Allen Johnson from the Greensboro News and Record CLICKHERE has interviewed Randall Kaplan and Bridget Chisholm on the proposal for a new downtown Greensboro luxury hotel . The video is embedded below, this is from the newsmakers segment of the Greensboro News & Record. One question that needs to be addressed is this.


The Elm Street Group consist of a dozen or so investors including Randall Kaplan,Milton Kern,George House, and Brad Semon.

WHO ARE THE OTHER 8 investors in this Elm Street Group?

Back on January 1,2010 this was said in a blog post at Allen Johnson's blog " could we please get the news and record to name the names of all the parties involved with this endeavor and who are the dozen or so partners in the elm street group"

Still waiting for this answer to the question. Maybe when they get in front of the Greensboro City Council next week we will see this question be asked by a Greensboro City Council member.

Will Mr. Kaplan answer the question please tell us who are all the investors in the Elm Street Group not just 4 of them but all of them?

This is called TRANSPARENCY in local government.

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Anonymous said...

Can I point out that "TRANSPARENCY IN LOCAL GOVERMENT" has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Kaplan naming every minor partner in The Elm St. Partners group. He left out Debby Reynolds and that represents the heads of all partnership groups. Triadwatch might want to question why the funding is regularly identified improperly as coming from the city. That anyone had the right to ask and nobody was offered access to this bond. Why do the objections of a competitor who also could have and still could access the same funding source carry so much weight in this arguement and story?
I guess conspiracy is so much more fun to report on than facts.

triadwatch said...

anon, transparency is definitely a part of this in naming all the investors. It is time for all involved in this endeavor to be up front and transparent We will see if they get the funding for this.

We had a local reporter in dick barron who for the life of me not name names in plenty of his stories and in this instance the transparency needed to be there in telling us who was involved. THe only way we found out who they all are is watching the video of the council meeting because the news and record wouldn't say.