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N.C. Liquor laws - How a $5.79 case of vodka ends up costing $61.92 | | Star News | Wilmington, NC

N.C. Liquor laws - How a $5.79 case of vodka ends up costing $61.92 Star News Wilmington, NC

Great investigative reporting by the Wilmington Star News on our state Alcoholic Beverage Control and how their distribution works in the state with a graph and a video about the local father and son team who run the New Hanover County ABC system and Billy Williams is making $232,000 a year as a administrator of New Hanover County ABC.

To see the whole report and video click on the title above or the embedded link above as well.

There is a lot of talk about revamping the whole system all over this state. We can recall locally where the High Point ABC Commission were in a little scandal back in 2006 here is a Inside Scoop from the Greensboro News and Record CLICKHERE

The new High Point ABC Board spent its second meeting Wednesday looking over the system's books. The financial tutorial was needed - newly appointed Chairman David Wall thought the system made $8 million in revenue last year. It actually made $10 million.

New General Manager Rosalind Stewart and Finacial Director Cindy Wooten said they spent a lot of time interpreting the books before the meeting.

Stewart said she's not sure what at least one of the system's accounts - entitled miscellanous accounts payable - was used for. She said it hasn't been activite in a while and she wasn't sure why it was created.

Board member Beth Koonce asked if they were going to get rid of the "employee welfare fund". State investigators believe the fund was generated through the illegal sale of both promotional mini-bottles and extra cases of liquor accidentally sent by the state warehouse.

Wooten said they were keeping the fund for incidentals. She said the fund was first created when they needed to send an employee flowers after her mother had died.

No one said where the money for the fund was coming from - I bet they'll find a legitimate source this time.

Let's hope we will see plenty of changes to the Alcoholic Beverage Control in the near future and thanks to the Wilmington Star News for that investigative report on it as well.

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