Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Raleigh City Council $10,000 Shindig VS. Greensboro City Council $40 Punch and Cake

The Raleigh News and Observer has a article out on the new Raleigh City Council and their $10,000 reception following their swearing in ceremony, CLICKHERE . Let's compare that bill to the newly sworn in Greensboro City Council who had a table in the lobby with a cake and some neon green punch with a approximate value of the cake and punch of around $40.00, just a guess.

Here is the menu from the article
"On the menu: fresh fruit, imported and domestic cheese trays with crackers, antipasti, hibachi beef skewers and curried chicken kebabs, at $23 per person.

To wash it down, city taxpayers paid an additional $8 a person for a selection of chardonnay and merlot wines, beer, sodas and bottled water.

The total was $9,854.66 after factoring in a service fee, sales taxes and the city's discount."

This sure is a candidate for an award at the North Carolina Citizens against Government Waste.

But let's give credit where credit is due in the Greensboro City Council only having a table out in the hall with punch and cake with a taxpayer tab of not more than $40.00 compared to Raleigh in $10,000


Amanda Lehmert "Killian" has a update with a nice tip of the hat to triadwatch , hey Mark Binker you might need to take lessons from Amanda here is the post CLICKHERE

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