Saturday, November 21, 2009

N.C. Minority Leader Phil Berger Has Some Explaining To Do To The N.C. Board Of Elections

North Carolina State Senator and Minority Leader Republican Phil Berger was given a audit letter from the North Carolina Board of Elections on November 20, 2009. The audit letter is below.There are some serious allegations in the audit letter when it relates to lobbyist giving contributions during a period of time when the legislature is in session.There are also other problems with his campaign forms where the North Carolina Board of Elections says the following.

"While these bulleted items are required by law to be disclosed, we realize that a significant amnount of time has passed since the reports in question were filed. Therefore we will not require reports to be amended to disclose the above mentioned items unless requested by members of the public, but you should strive to make sure all reports filed in the future include all required information."

The bulleted items are in the documents below and it sure does want someone to say to the North Carolina Board of Elections to request that State Senator Phil Berger amend your campaign contribution forms . Triadwatch might just be that person from the public to request that the State Senator amend his returns.

Berger Ncboe Audit 2009

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