Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brenda Bowers E mail is a Hoax don't click on the link

If anyone got this message from Brenda Bowers it is a hoax. She is in Greensboro not Sheffield, England . Here is the email

I hope you receive my message? And is very urgent. I could bearly think straight at this point. I had a trip here in United Kingdom on a mission. I am presently in Sheffield and I am having some difficulties. I misplaced my bag on my way to the hotel where other valuable things were kept along with my passport. I feel so ashamed because i am so stranded and idle. I will like you to help me with a loan of 1000pounds to pay my hotel bills and also return back home. I will refund the money to you as soon as I get back, I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively I currently have limited access to emails for now.

She feels bad this has happened to her and to all the people who got the email she is locked out of her yahoo account at this time. So don't send any money and don't click on the link in the email.

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